9 Coconut oil beauty Hacks!

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Coconut oil is absolutely amazing thing on earth cause it has so many benefits to our health and wellness. Today we gonna show you 9 organic coconut oil tips for skin and hair. Are you ready?.......Here we go !! ........



1. Coconut oil for lip care

Coconut oil can anti cracked lip and also be a good moisturizer which get from saturated fatty acid called Lauric acid. The tip is using coconut oil as a lip gross before apply your lipstick. It’ll boost your lip smooth and gloss.



2. Coconut oil as oil pulling

Pulling your mouth with organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil every day for 15 min will whiten you teeth and reduce bacteria commutative or plaque. When coconut oil come in your mouth coconut oil will change to Monolaurin (very effective anti bactetia) by enzyme from saliva.


3. Coconut oil the best “Remover”

Using a few drops of coconut oil with cotton can remove your make likes water proof eyeliner, matted lip stick or any others so easy and very safe to your sensitive facial skin!



4. Apply on skin after bath

Let’s take away your body lotion and use coconut oil after bath. it’s really good to protect your skin from demoisturized and your skin stay hydrated for a whole day with a pleasant tropical coconut smell. Moreover, it can use for whole body skin from Top to toe, baby to adult. It’s absolutely cool! isn’t it?



5. Use as eye cream

Under eye skin is the most sensitive skin on your body. So, you should carefully select something to apply on. Coconut oil is one of safeties choice because it come from 100% natural and organic. It’s ordinary way to treat you under eyes skin and up-lifting with anti-oxidant in coconut oil .


6. Treat cuticle skin with coconut

Nail’s cuticle is one of careless skin. It’s time to take care it with coconut oil because you use your hand to do many activities everyday. So, it has a high risk to be damaged. Don’t look across it!!



7. Hair Treatment

Coconut oil can stimulate hair growth and make your hair shine for all day. Apply or massage your hair with coconut oil for 15 mins and then shampoo out twice a week. It can coat your hair cuticle and protect from heat, chemical and unfriendly environment.


8. Drinking coconut oil for Weight loss

Make sure you don’t misunderstanding. it’s true!! Coconut oil can helps with weight loss by increasing metabolism rate and active thyroid gland to turn fat to be energy directly. Also drinking coconut oil will make you stay full and prevent having too much food. Let’s drink coconut oil 2 table spoons a day!


9. Reduce feet mal-odor

As we mentioned before, coconut oil has a strong potential to kill bacteria. Thus, the main reason of feet odor come from bacteria. So, massage your feet every day before wearing your shoes especially when go for exercise. It helps you to reduce bad smell from your feet.


And there is 9 tips for using coconut oil. If you interested to find out more, check out www.tropicanaoil.com or follw us at facbook: Tropicana Oil Co., Ltd.

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