Normal Shampoo VS Coconut Shampoo

Picture of Normal Shampoo VS Coconut Shampoo


Treat your hair with coconut oil remedy.

Unlike normal shampoo and hair conditioner in the market, Tropicana coconut shampoo contains coconut oil that treats your hair in many ways.



tropicana coconut hair conditioner


Reduce hair damaged!

Coconut oil has a small molecular size of fatty acid that can penetrate deeply into hair shaft and also can combine protein to your hair in order to reduce protein loss from hair.



Moisten your hair!

To keep your hair shining whole day, coconut oil helps to coat your hair cuticle which prevent moisture come out from your hair.


tropicana coconut shampoo non paraben



Hair conditioning!

After using normal shampoo will leave your hair stay clean and dry but, there is no moisture remains. By using Tropicana coconut oil shampoo your hair will stay soft from the conditioning effect of coconut oil.



Helps with hair loss!

In ancient time, Thai and Indian ayurvedic use coconut oil as a hair with other herb growth oil remedies. Coconut oil is able to stimulate hair growth and keep your hair strong.


Not just coconut, in Tropicana coconut shampoo also has ginseng extract which stimulate hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. It also improves the health of hair follicles and cells, thus preventing hair loss. Aloe vera extract and argan oil for hair conditioner. 

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